How do I love thee?

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I open and click your links… and more,
I’m not a 5* subscriber, but I’m definitely a 4.


Hmmm? OK so it’s not quite as romantic as Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s version, and I wouldn’t recommend putting it in your loved one’s Valentine card, but when it comes to email marketing, understanding depth of commitment is no longer an art – it’s now the science of engagement profiling.

In a nutshell, engagement uses an audience profiling algorithm which measures things like the frequency, quantity and depth of your subscribers’ interactions with your email campaigns – how often they open them, what they click, who they share them with, and what they do next.

It automatically scores each subscriber with a star rating from 1* that’s the most disengaged, to 5*, that’s your most engaged – they love you and your brand. You can use your engagement ratings to quantify subscribers as individuals or as a measure of the engagement of your overall database over a period time. Both are really useful.

Like other subscriber profiling techniques, engagement is all about adding relevance to your communications. You can use it to design and target future campaigns which really tap into their individual needs – whether that’s rewarding your most loyal customers with loyalty points and VIP treats, or tempting wavering subscribers to return with ‘come-back’ offers and incentives. Either way, you can use engagement profiling to reach out to them as individuals and show them some love.

Here’s me talking about Engagement at the Digital Marketing Show. Click the links to see more. Part-1 and Part-2.


If you’d like to understand and use engagement intelligence to your marketing advantage I’d recommend taking a look at the audience profiling section of our website.

On the other hand if you just need romantic inspiration for tomorrow, here’s Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s original Sonnet 43.