Helping our Support team to help you

4 minute read

We take a lot of pride in the support services we offer at In order for us to provide the best assistance we can, our Support Assistants will need to know what you’re doing (or trying to do) and what kind of issues you’re running into along the way. Also sometimes we will need additional, more technical information to fully diagnose a problem. Now we know that not everyone is particularly tech savvy and this is often the point at which users become a little unstuck, but that’s OK and this post will talk you through some of the more technical things we might need to know in order to help you.

Firstly, PC or Mac?
This can make a real difference in how we go about testing an issue or advising you on how to do something. Most of customers are on PCs, so we’ll probably assume you are too unless you tell us otherwise.

Internet connection
Depending on your query, it can be useful for us to know if you are using a wireless internet connection or if you’ve been having any connectivity issues of late. Sometimes this can play a key part in solving a problem.

Which browser do you use and which version of it?
A browser is the program you use to surf the Internet. As is an online service, you will be accessing your account from within an Internet browser. There are a variety of browsers and they are frequently updated, meaning that a large range of possibilities exist on this front. To give you an idea of what we need to know, here are the most common browsers and their latest versions.

Any member of the Support team will be able to talk you through how to find out the above details, but as operating systems and browsers vary so much we sometimes end up working in the dark a little bit! Recently we have discovered a great little site called Support Details which is very helpful and can give you all the information that we need (and more!).

Show us the problem
On occasion it can be useful to show us what’s wrong rather than trying to explain. If this is the case, then emailing us a screen shot is a great idea. To take a screen shot using a PC, you first need to find the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard (it’s usually above the number pad). Pressing this won’t appear to do anything, but it will take a copy of your current screen. You’ll then need to paste this into a program that’s happy with images, such as Paint, then save it and email it over to us. Alternatively, if you’re using Windows 7 then you’ll have a neat little program called Snipping Tool. This allows you to simply drag a selection over the relevant area of your screen and save it as an image.

Whilst our Support team are always more than happy to spend the necessary time assisting our clients, we also recognise that you are busy people who want your support to be speedy. Being familiar with this kind of information can really help us to progress swiftly with a query, and with a bit of luck things will be wrapped up in a flash. Need further details or have any thoughts on how we can do things better? Drop us an email or leave us a comment in the box below.