Google Calendar invites – a smart added touch to your email campaign

4 minute read

A client recently asked me about adding calendar invites to an email campaign as a way of boosting the number of attendees to an event they were holding. The two most popular calendaring services we encounter are Outlook and Google Calendar.

Google’s cloud based solution makes it easy for events to be added to your email campaign just as easily as adding a link. It’s not just subscribers with a email address that can use Google’s Calendar – thousands of corporations (including us here at!) use Google Apps behind the scenes, so a very notable proportion of your users are likely to benefit.

Sadly Outlook users rely on the ‘iCalendar’ file attachment method that we can’t so easily support. While we look into that, here’s how to quickly and easily pop a Google Calendar invite into your email campaign.

What is a Google Calendar invite?

If you’ve got a Google account, you can click here to see an example calendar invite to a fictional event. To set up your own event head to the Event Publisher Guide, it’ll only take a few minutes.

Why add a calendar invite to your email?

If you’re in the middle of promoting an upcoming event you’ll know how vital it is to both get the message out there and make sure people attend. You might be a club promoter with a big gig coming up, or a recruiter setting up a networking evening. You might even have a webinar that you want your prospects to attend. Regardless of the scenario, if you have a time sensitive event coming up Google Calendar invites could be about to become a crucial part of your email marketing.

Rather than having to schedule reminder emails as your event draws near, you’ll only need to add the invite to your initial campaign. Of course, as we track link clicks for you, you’re at liberty to follow up on those who view your invite however you wish, meaning you can save yourself money on email sends in addition to not annoying your subscribers with lots of emails.


In your account you can target subscribers by action to see who has clicked the Google Calendar link, indicating how many recipients are likely to have accepted the invitation. You could then choose to use Marketing Automation to send them an instant follow up email to recognise their interest and encourage their attendance at your event.

Finally, if you are running an event, this is a really quick and easy way to potentially increase the number of attendees. It took me five minutes to set up the example events and it’s completely free to use.

That’s it!

Google Calendar invites are a great little resource that I would recommend to anyone looking to improve attendance at their events. Are you using this already? Or about to give it a go? Let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear your feedback.

To see a step by step guide to sharing Google Calendar invites via your email campaigns head over to our Knowledge site.