Gmail one-click unsubscribe feature

1 minute read

Following on from the news about Gmail offering to auto-load images under certain circumstances, they now also offer a direct unsubscribe link for email marketeers. Using automatically qualifies your email for this service (we sign and include the correct List-Unsubscribe headers in all your mail by default).

At the moment the option seems to be a bit hidden within Gmail – those users will need to “show details” before they can see the “Unsubscribe from this sender” link, as shown below.

Gmail unsubscription link

Remember – making it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe is absolutely a welcome notion. Successful marketing is all about making a positive impression so that your customers come back again and bring their friends along too. Any grumbles will spread faster than good news, so if someone would rather not hear from you any more, it’s definitely better not to antagonise them and instead concentrate your efforts (and funds!) on those who are just itching to hear from you again.

More information from Google is available here. Also, have a read of this good article promoting unsubscribe links – don’t worry about the technical side of things, already handle all that for you.