Get new email subscribers by SMS!

1 minute read

mobileWe’re always looking for new ways to help you grow your database. One of the newer features of allows you to automatically capture new subscribers for your email newsletters, even when your subscribers are nowhere near a computer!

Why not make your print marketing work harder by allowing readers to subscribe to your mailing list directly from it?

With your account you can easily set up a service so that users can text in their email address and be added to your mailing list – for example ‘Text SIGNUP followed by your email address to 61211 to receive our email newsletter’

To set up this service, simply find the list called ‘SMS Catch-all’ in your account, click the ‘Add feature to list’ option and select ‘Add action’ from the menu.

On the next screen select the ‘SMS email subscription’ option and then select the email list to add new subscribers to (if you haven’t created an email list yet, you’ll need to do that first and then select this option).

Once you’ve done this, anyone texting in your keyword followed by their email address to the shortcode, 61211, will be added to your list. To find out the SMS keyword for your account simply look on your home page. You can change your keyword under the ‘Account Details’ section of the ‘Account’ tab.