Genuinely excellent!

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It’s always nice to hear positive feedback. That’s why I’m grateful to the attendees at last week’s email marketing Discovery Morning who took the time to send me their comments. Thank you.


For those who may not know, Discovery Mornings are designed as a quick (ish) tour through the concepts and applications of permission marketing.

The morning is broken into 2 sessions, each covering 6 topics. Firstly, “the essentials”, things like permission, data management, design and analysis, and secondly “the next steps”, more advanced techniques like audience profiling, marketing automation and precision targeting. Each of the 12 steps also has a handy mini self-assessment so attendees can understand their current capability and then use the information learned to improve where needed. Like us, it’s informal and interactive with lot’s of time for questions and discussion.

It’s also designed to be equally useful for beginners, to gain practical tips on how to get started or for experienced email marketers looking for inspiration, best-practice and new techniques. And you don’t need to be a user – last week only 35% of the audience were existing customers. But… for last week’s event 65 people registered for a 40 seat room, so if you’d like to attend don’t hang around.

Here’s where you can find out more and see just some of the feedback I’ve received.