Gaining new subscribers

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Our clients often ask for help with organically increasing their subscriber database. This is one of the most fundamental processes for any strong permission-based email marketing strategy and can seem like a daunting task. However, gaining new subscribers who actively engage with your campaigns isn’t all that tricky. Follow our quick and easy guide to get started with gathering new subscribers.

1. Where and when to ask.

  • Online. Pages on your website which generate high traffic or have longer visit duration times are the most obvious locations where you should be placing data capture forms. You can also add forms to your blogs, email footers, affiliate emails or websites and your own email campaigns (for subscribers to forward onto their friends and colleagues). We even have a handy tool to help you integrate your form with your Facebook page.
  • In person. At any point where you or your employees meet prospects or customers, there should be an opportunity for them to opt-in to hear more about you. Use capture forms on tablet devices upon entry/exit of your store, event or exhibition. Display posters encouraging people to opt-in via text-to-subscribe, or use QR codes on print media to get people to head to your website and sign up there and then.

2. Offer an incentive.

  • Run competitions or surveys with relevant prizes, gathering their details as part of the entry process.
  • Offer content such as free downloadable PDFs or eBooks in exchange for details can generate a lot of interest without costing you the earth.
  • Monetary rewards such as offering store vouchers, discounts or free consultations for signing up are often the most compelling incentives to a prospect. It’s important to make sure it’s cost effective for you too.
  • Promise further incentives to keep subscribers interested. This will help ensure your subscriber growth is higher than your unsubscribe rate and that the data you collect is genuine.
  • Long forms can seem daunting, so keep the information you collect to a minimum. You can always follow-up with further requests to capture more data from them at a later date.

3. Create compelling calls to action.

Regardless of where you present the opportunity to sign up, it’s all about getting the call to action right. Make sure it’s absolutely clear what you want people to do (sign up), how they can do it (click here, text this number etc.) and why they should bother. Keeping these elements painfully simple will help ensure you get the maximum uptake.

call to action

When it comes to building your subscriber base, quality always tops quantity. Ultimately you want people to sign up because you want them to make you money. The two key factors to this are:

  • Permission. Make sure they want to hear from you regarding the content you’re sending.
  • Value. Provide them with something that they deem interesting or useful to them on an ongoing basis.

For more information on how to nurture your relationship with your subscribers and get the most out of your data, take a look at my previous blog post.