Email, SMS and social marketing analysis from Home

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Where to find analyseOur new online marketing Home page in your account smoothly guides you through the permission marketing cycle (even if we do say so ourselves). However, it should never be forgotten that the whole point of this cycle is to improve each time round, and there should always be a drive for better results and increased ROI. The key to this is analysing your results to ensure you hear what your subscribers are trying to tell you.

For email, SMS and social media, the final badge you collect on the Home page is ‘Analyse your results’. Clicking on this shows the stats overview of your most recently sent campaign or social post and allows you to scroll back through your campaign history. For email, you can set your industry so you can compare your averages across all your campaigns and see how you measure up against the industry standard. More detailed analyses of email, SMS and social media campaigns can be found under the Analyse tab in ‘Campaign analysis’ and ‘Social outbox’.

Analyse from Home

These analysis overviews provide a brief idea of how successful your marketing strategies are and which channels aren’t being used to their full potential. They can quickly flag up problems such as high unsubscribe rates for your most recent campaigns, maybe because the content wasn’t what your subscribers were expecting or perhaps you left it too long since you last contacted them. Analysis of a Twitter campaign in the social media overview can be used to spotlight great results such as many retweets of a post that followers found really topical or relevant.

From Facebook posts to SMS messages, it’s really important to take on board feedback from your subscribers to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes twice – or miss a really successful trick. Providing analysis overviews on the Home page is just one of the tools provides to help you make the most of your campaigns.

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