Email marketing – six tips to get it right

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With the growth of social media in the last few years, I have often heard it said that email marketing is a dying trend, but here at we disagree completely! For me, it’s a no-brainer as to why email marketing is still going strong. For a start, the number of people that have one or even multiple email accounts far surpasses the number of people using social media. Have a look at our infographic to see what I mean. Email marketing allows you to send tailored content to people who have already shown an interest in your brand. It’s about building a relationship with a prospect and turning them into a customer.

Getting it right

In a busy environment where everyone is competing to get noticed, you need to be smart to get your subscribers’ attention. The following tips will help ensure you get the most from your email marketing.

1. Permission – make sure you have it. Not only are there legal ramifications when sending to those that haven’t permitted you to do so, but also, why bother sending emails to someone who has shown no interest? You’re much more likely to get a return on investment by focussing on someone who is already engaging with you, rather than fishing in a potentially empty pond!

2. Focus on the reader – how will your campaigns benefit them? What will you bring to the table to make them want to continue to read, engage with you and more to the point, part with their hard-earned cash?

3. Writing style – email marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. What sort of tone do you want to use to represent yourself? Depending on your business, it may be that a more personal and friendly tone is likely to resonate better with your customers, making you more accessible.

4. Clever targetingsegment your data and use subscriber profiles and filtering to effectively target your audience with content relevant to them at the right time.

5. Design – you want your campaign to stand out above all the other emails that they read, but for the right reasons! Make your campaigns eye-catching and recognisable by using consistent branding. A good balance of images and text will aid successful delivery and a clear call to action will help drive your subscribers to where you want them to go or what you want them to do next.

6. Engagement – there’s no point in creating a fabulous campaign if no one is tempted to open it. A recognisable ‘from’ name and ‘from’ address will gain trust and an effective subject line will encourage recipients to open your email and engage.

Email marketing is alive and kicking, but to really get the most out of your marketing make sure you integrate it with your other marketing efforts. Every marketing channel has its purpose and your customers may interact via different channels for different reasons, so choose how you use those channels wisely.

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