Email Marketing Blog Roundup: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

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One of the more meaty topics this week has been the never-ending flood of spam:

Widely reported this week was the news that AOL are no longer providing report cards on people who have received a high number of spam complaints. Fortunately this doesn’t affect, as we already closely monitor our feedback loops and will be in touch with clients long before they reached the 30% threshold that previously trigged a report card from AOL.

Speaking of reports, this week’s special mention must go to our very own Matt McNeill, who has painstakingly cleaned, sorted, and analysed over 200 million emails in order to present us with the most comprehensive Email Marketing Benchmark Report in the UK. Check it out for all sorts of statistical goodness related to industry averages for bounce rates, unsubscribes, clicks, and more.

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