Email Marketing Blog Roundup: SMS + Mobile, Seasonal Holidays, and a Similar Series

1 minute read

Do you consider mobile marketing in your advertising campaigns? If not, you should probably think about starting to; and if you do, then the following posts should still provide some extra insight into the topic:

The holiday season: everyone’s favourite time. Of course, they say it starts earlier and earlier every year, and this year it seems that people have definitely started ramping up their marketing already with an eye upcoming time off. Have you begun thinking about how it’ll affect your campaigns yet?

Special mention this week, and a tip of the hat, to a similar series of posts to the Roundup over at Brontoblog that covers the Best of the Blogosphere, (here’s a direct link to this week’s – they don’t seem to have categorised all the previous posts properly yet, unfortunately). It seems to be written in turns by Kelly Lorenz, Kristen Gregory, and Julie Waite. Nice work, guys – or, rather, girls! Keep it up. (Or I’ll have nowhere to steal all my links from!)