Email Marketing Blog Roundup: Promotional Videos, Pennies, and Politics

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Embedding video into emails is a topic you’ll see discussed on a semi-regular basis, so first up this week I’d like to share three great articles about embedding video:

Yahoo! has been in the news this week, with much discussion about its suggested penny-per-email system where the proceeds go to charity. Of course, this is just in research at the moment, but it’s an intriguing concept nonetheless. Check out to sign up for more information about this when (and if) it launches.

Over the pond, one of the big stories was the news that The White House may have been buying lists and sending spam, after the Press Secretary was questioned about an email sent out by the President’s Senior Adviser, David Axelrod. As ReturnPath points out, this is great press for the permission-based marketing model.

Also as a special mention I’d like to link to a site I came across recently called Which Test Won? by Anne Holland, where she reviews various different split tests and their results. The format of the site is great — you have to vote on which result you think won before you get to see the winner and accompanying discussion — and the topics covered are a fascinating insight into the kinds of things that can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of any marketing campaign – even though you would never have suspected they might.

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