Email Marketing Blog Roundup: Hints and Tips, How-tos, and Halloween

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As always the blogosphere has been a mixed bag covering a range of subjects, with the usual posts on general advice, discussions about specific issues, press releases, technical updates, and non-stories. This week however there seemed to be a prevalence of Hints and Tips-type posts; so here’s a few choice posts, all with great advice:

In the same vein, there’s also been a number of “How-tos” posted covering such topics as simply how email marketing can be successful, how to keep your mail from getting unblocked, and how to merge email, microsites, and social media together for fun and profit (well, profit, at least).

Special mention this week to a post on Proofpoint’s Email Security Blog titled Email Horror Stories… Just in Time for Halloween that introduces 10 articles about situations you’ll be glad haven’t happened to you.

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