Email Marketing Blog Roundup: Deliverability, DNSBLs, and Disputes at the DMA

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Deliverability: often misunderstood, despite being important to everyone engaging in email marketing. Here are a few articles covering the topic that might provide a degree of enlightenment:

This week saw the announcement of the new Composite Snow-Show (CSS) blacklist from Spamhaus, which aims to work around the problem of widely spread, low-use IP addresses which are used for spamming. Naturally, this was covered by the usual suspects around the blogosphere, with a nice overview from the excellent Word to the Wise. On a related note (and just possibly prompted by news from Spamhaus), Return Path also announced the latest version of their Reputation Network Blacklist, which they describe as a real-time list of senders categorized as the “worst of the worst”. In a quick return to our litigious friends over in America, (and as the third link to a post by “laura” this week!) I’d like to point to a hilarious argument-turned-ugly at the DMA. Lawyers, on your marks! Lastly, special mention this week to an article over on MediaPosts‘s Email Insider that I have to confess was very enlightening for me: My Name Is Loren. BTW, I’m A ‘He’. Steve Knigge’s note in the comments also made me laugh.

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