Email delivery, delivered

3 minute read

For anyone that’s ever sent an email, I’m sure you’ve been left with that “did they receive my email?” feeling. For businesses, it’s vital that customers and potential customers receive those emails, but how can you be sure your deliverability will be 100%? Within, there are lots of tools and tips we offer to our customers to ensure you get the best results possible as soon as you hit that all important send button.

Firstly, within Create we offer a check campaign report, which analyses your email campaign for common mistakes and triggers commonly used by spam filters. The check campaign report offers a spam score and as well as this, checks that links and images work as you intend them to. We recommend regular use of this function, and in turn it’ll give you confidence that your email is received and viewed as it should be. We always recommend previewing a campaign before sending it, and this function will allow you to make quick and small revisions, which could make a big difference.

Secondly, why not set a from address? From addresses can help boost deliverability and validity of the email you’re sending. What’s more, it allows for subscribers to instantly recognise the email address – in turn, increasing your open rate. One tip we regularly tell our customers is that it’s essential to have a from address which is recognisable – otherwise it can just end up in the dreaded junk mail folder.

Finally, while images are great for creating an interesting email campaign, some email clients cannot display HTML emails and for that reason, a plain text version of your email is key. A plain text email will give you the added confidence and likelihood that your email will be delivered to all of your subscriber base.

At we fully appreciate the importance of deliverability and believe these simple steps will help work towards that 100% delivered goal. If you’d like to learn more about our check campaign report, setting a from address and creating a plain text version email campaign, why not check out our how-to section, which contains over 40 useful guides on how to get things done within