Dynamic content. It’s not magic – just magic marketing.

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Sending the same email to everyone in your database is so yesterday. As a confirmed Les Paul Goldtop fan, a proud owner, and a regular Guitar Hero Store visitor, imagine my delight to receive the email below – of all of the guitar pictures and content they could have sent me – this one 100% hits the spot. They know my purchase history, my browsing likes and my local store – even when I usually visit and who serves me.

The customised email is done using a technique called Dynamic Content. It’s not magic, but it is magic marketing.


Of all of the precision targeting techniques which are available, Dynamic Content is one of the neatest.

Forget segmenting your data into specific interest groups, creating different version emails and then tracking and analysing multiple campaigns. Dynamic content allows you to create just one base email campaign but with multiple content sections. Which content sections appear, and in which order, depends on a few simple coding rules that you’ve set up based on your audience profiling and preference data.

As well as standard personalisation fields (name, date of birth etc.), you can use your own custom profile fields relevant to your brand, such as preferred operating system or nearest store.

Why do this?

Like all precision targeting techniques it’s all about personal relevance, but this isn’t your typical “insert name here” personalisation. Think more along the lines of – this person has already told us they’re vegeterian so for your next campaign show them your mushroom risotto, not the steak special.

In order to use dynamic content you’ll need to be comfortable with basic HTML and understand what an ‘if’ statement is. You create your email in HTML and wrap different content sections in our dynamic content code. This lets you define statements which determine whether a piece of content is shown for a particular user, based on their stored profile data.

But don’t worry. If HTML is not your thing, let us know what you have in mind and we can code it up for you.

There are many other applications other than presenting your meat free options to your vegetarian diners, for example, why not prominently feature your women’s clothing range to your female shoppers, or create personal birthday messages and localised special offers. Use your imagination – and if you’re in the music business, now you know exactly what to send to all your Les Paul Goldtop fans out there!