Collect ‘five gold rings’ with this Christmas and win Amazon vouchers!

1 minute read

Now that it’s December, we’re getting all festive in the office. The tree is going up, the Secret Santa has been drawn and we’re decorating everything in sight, but we wanted to take spreading the festive cheer one step further. That’s why we’ve got more competitions than you can shake a tinselly stick at over the next few weeks, with some fabulous prizes up for grabs.

For every competition you enter correctly, you can earn a gold ring. If you get (forgive me) ‘fiiive go‑old rings’, you’ll be entered into the draw for our grand prize, a whopping £150 Amazon voucher. As if that wasn’t enough, for each of the three competitions we’re running, we’re giving away another £50 Amazon voucher.

For our last trick of the season, we’re giving you a chance to spot the missing bauble in our email campaign. Once again, you’ll have a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher and earn up to two more gold rings. Take a look at our dedicated blog post for more information and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.

Good luck!