Campaign Designer makes creating emails easy

4 minute read

I often hear clients express concern that they don’t have time to spend creating beautiful email campaigns, they just need to get their message out. At, we understand that email marketing isn’t always your sole purpose in life, so in this post I wanted to explain just how quick and easy it can be to create really professional email campaigns using our Campaign Designer tool.

We’ve created a wide variety of free email marketing templates with different layouts and designs to cater for every need.  Some templates are plain and simple, but flexible enough to accommodate most designs and branding elements you might want to add, while others are beautifully styled so they’re ready for you to just add your content and go.

The templates available cover every type of email campaign you wish to send, from monthly newsletters to seasonal announcements, we have it all! What’s more, if you really can’t find what you’re looking for we can build you something completely custom, tailored to your branding, layout and style and store it in your account just for you.

Our template browser keeps your custom templates right at the top of the list where you need them. Alternatively, you can browse our many different templates, or skip straight to the ones you’re looking for with our unique filtering tools.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you can quickly and easily add your own content and customise it to your own style with our simple editing tools:

  • Drag and drop Duplicate, copy, move or delete the different sections in your campaign until it looks just right. Got a last minute addition? No problem! Create your content and drag it up to the place you want it to sit.
  • Background colour – Change the colour of the background of your email campaign to match your key brand colour.
  • Text formatting Paste or type your content straight into the sections and format it to look however you want. Choose from any of the web-safe fonts, and be confident that your campaign will look just right in any email client.
  • Images Choose images from your personal library, stored securely online so you can access them from wherever you are.
  • Links – Connect text or images in your campaign to a web link or email address.  You can even choose one of our useful campaign links to help your subscribers interact with you – from viewing your campaign online to unsubscribing.
  • Personalisation Insert any personal information you store from one of our standard fields or even your own subscriber profiles to add that extra personal touch.
  • Go Social! Get your subscribers interacting with you in their social space. You can link to various social media pages from your campaign, or get them to share your emails with their friends.

Every template we build, and the tools we give you to edit them, are designed specifically to help you create beautiful emails that look great wherever they’re viewed. Use the preview tool and Inbox Testing to prove it!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with our Campaign Designer tool today – it’s easy!