Brand consistency in your email campaigns

1 minute read

A trip to the TFMA exhibition at Earl’s Court today has as usual sparked a load of ideas, the first of which I’d like to share now (courtesy of a book entitled “Marketing Resource Management” by Romet Jansen & Frans Riemersma).

Your brand probably means a great deal to you. It is your identity which hopefully holds value with your customers, so your email campaigns should remind the recipient who you are, and continue to add value to your reputation.

Remember that while your brand exists as a bunch of logos and guidelines internally, externally it is an association in people’s memories. Your email needs to associate your brand with a recipient’s preference, so here’s what you need to do:

Get creative

In order for your email campaign to be noticed, you are going to have to get creative. Fortunately we’ve got a fantastic range of free email templates that come with every account. If you want to push the boundaries, you can of course modify these or even create your own from scratch.

Be consistent

There have to be boundaries though, else you risk losing the critical association with your brand. So while you’re being creative, also be consistent.

Simple stuff!