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Hello everyone! I’m Mark Taylor, support assistant extraordinaire. I’ve worked for for almost two years now, and over that time have helped hundreds of you with your digital marketing. I have noticed that our basic processes are well used, but often so much more value could be gained with the help of some of our more advanced features. So for my inaugural blog post, I will point out the best ways for you to get the most out of

Auto Responders
By creating an Auto Responder you can create a “Welcome Email” – or several – to be sent to your subscribers immediately after they Sign-Up to your newsletter (or a certain period of time after). This looks very good from your point of view as some subscribers may Sign Up for your newsletter but a week or so later they may forget about you; this feature ensures that they don’t!
A guide on setting this up can be seen on our Help Website.

The Power of SMS
The open rate for SMS campaigns right now are through the roof. Most people have their phone on 24/7 – yours right now is probably sitting on your desk or right next to you! Using our SMS service you could send a message to all of your subscribers informing them of a special offer you have on tonight, or maybe you have a free entry offer on between a certain time!

Take advantage of this technology at your fingertips, as well as our lower prices, when you purchase more SMS credits from! –

Make your email campaign look even more personal by including a first name or surname, or even any custom information you have on record about your subscribers – such as username and password. You can then import this data into and insert this information into your email campaign to make it a bit more personal!

It not only looks better but if you have your own system for your subscribers, you can always remind them of their username and password as they may have forgotten!

A couple of useful resources for you. Here’s our guide on adding subscriber profiles. If you don’t have this option in your account then email support at so we can add this feature. Also, see our guide on Inserting Personalisation.

Target Subscriber By Action
Do you want to email everyone who clicked a link in your last email, or didn’t open your last email to try and push your sales or a popular product? This can be done very easily by using our “Target Subscriber By Action” function. Here you can compile a new list and then target subscribers who didn’t open your last email or clicked a link.

See our guide on targeting subscribers by action.

Exclude Subscribers Contacted Within
Using this feature you are able to send your latest email out to everyone you have not contacted within a certain amount of time. This can be done from the minimum of 1/2 a day up to 14 days after your last campaign. So if you sent your newsletter a week ago, but want to resend it to any new subscribers, just target the same list and exclude everyone who you contacted within the last 14 days – those who received it 7 days ago will not receive it again.