A/B Split-test results: what a difference a brand makes!

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We like to practice what we preach and using split-testing to identify factors that can make email campaigns perform more effectively is no exception.

Earlier this week we tested two versions of an email campaign to users who opened a trial Sign-Up.to account recently. The only difference between the two campaigns? Variant A (the winner) included our brand name in the subject line. Other than that, the campaigns were identical.

As you can see from the results below, featuring our brand name in the subject line of the email nearly doubled the effectiveness of the campaign! A small difference but a huge impact on the results.

Split testing email results

Not only does this show the benefit of split-testing even small changes to your campaigns but it also speaks volumes about the importance of using your brand in your permission marketing.

We work hard to ensure that all of our communications reinforce our branding and by using the email subject line to clearly show the email was from us, a brand that the recipients would not only recall but recognise that they have a relationship with, we were able to massively increase the response from our campaign.

Take-away tips from this experiment:

  • Use split-testing to easily identify factors that influence your results. Even small changes can have a big impact!
  • Don’t forget the power that brand recognition can give to your permission marketing.
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