7 things your email campaign shouldn’t be without

5 minute read

At the moment you might be putting the finishing touches on your next email campaign, but what if you’re missing something? Something that could really boost you campaign results perhaps? We thought we’d list seven essential things that might make all the difference to the success of your email activities.

1. Images

If you want to add a bit of life to your emails adding images are a great place to start. We recommend having a balance between text and images to help ensure your email doesn’t get marked as spam and to make viewing your email an enjoyable experience for the reader. Just make sure you include alternate text in case images don’t load.

2. A knockout subject line

The subject line of your email campaign has a big part to play in a recipient’s decision to open or delete your email, so it’s important to use one that is likely to grab your subscriber’s attention. Why not try out split testing to find out what resonates with your readers? This will help you choose subject lines that help you engage with recipients, even before they’ve read your email!

3. A clear call to action

When you’re writing your email there is always a key objective, to promote a special offer or advertise a new product are just two common examples. It’s important to ensure that the call to action is made clear. Whether it be by highlighting a link in a certain way or using a different colour to highlight text, the recipient needs to be able to see it and understand it in order for them to act – and for you to succeed.

4. Social links

People love to share brands they like with their friends and social links give your subscribers to chance to show off their loyalty to you. Within your Sign-Up.to account you can easily add social sharing links to your email which allow subscribers to share your email and help spread your message further.

5. Personalisation

Engaging with your subscribers is such a big part of permission marketing and starting your email by addressing the customer is friendly and immediately grabs the subscriber’s attention.  Perhaps you’d like to include further personalised information, such as their nearest town or birthday? All of this information can easily be stored in your account and can really help add that person touch to the email you’re sending.

6. A plain text version

Some people choose not to view HTML emails, meaning they’ll only see text formatted emails (no images). To cater for this preference, and ensure your email lands in your subscribers inbox, you can set a plain text version of your email. In just one click of a button our editor will create a text version of your email. When you schedule your email, the preferred email type will be received by the subscriber.

7. Send to a friend options

Adding a ‘send to a friend’ link allows your subscribers to share your email with their friends – helping to gain some new exposure for your company and the message you’re promoting. People are likely to trust a message sent to them from a friend so it gives you the opportunity for your subscribers to informally promote your business. You can even track who shared your email and could reward them for being so loyal to you.

There are lots of wonderful aspects that you can add to your email campaigns and we hope this has given you some ideas. With all of these tips we recommend you keep it relevant to your business at all times, to ensure your brand is consistent. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this subject in the comments box below.