5 things to do before you start your email marketing

5 minute read

When beginning your email marketing journey it’s all too easy to focus on setting up and sending your first campaign. That’s great, but it isn’t just about emailing out. Before you send out that first campaign you should strive to work through the finer details within your account to ensure you have everything set up perfectly from day one.

In this blog post I want to take you through a few tasks you can complete before you press the ‘send’ button for the first time.

1. Quality, not quantity

It’s true that you need subscribers in your database before you can start actually sending; however, you shouldn’t obsess over the numbers. Having a successful database is all about the quality of the data you have, not the quantity of it.

Having permission is important to us – it’s how we’ve operated since day one. So, before you go importing every email address you’ve ever received a message from into your database, think about how that’s going to impact you when you start sending email campaigns. Rather than increase sales, you’re more likely to frustrate people with what they believe to be spam. By all means import relevant data, but make sure the people you’re adding have opted in to hear from you.

2. Set up subscriber profiles

Every business is different, and will of course therefore collect data unique to them and their objectives. As a result, it’s important that your email marketing database reflects the data your business collects. The Sign-Up.to platform provides you with the ability to create a number of different custom profile data fields including single line text, paragraph text, tick box, drop-down, multiple select, number and date. The introduction of number and date fields came packaged with our new Audiences section, released in April 2014. This allows you to easily target people based on these subscriber profiles, as well as their location and engagement score.

While targeted email campaigns might not be a consideration right now, future-proofing yourself so you have this option when you need it can really save you a lot of time down the line.

Subscriber profile options

3. Add a data capture form to your website

As one of the most important parts of email marketing, it’s key you provide people with an easy way of subscribing to your mailing list. Adding a data capture form to a prominent part of your website can be a great way of increasing subscriber numbers. Encourage people to subscribe to your database by telling them about the benefits of joining your mailing list – will they receive relevant news for their business or a voucher code once they’ve signed up?

4. Create a ‘welcome’ email

Start as you mean to go on and set up a ‘welcome’ email using Marketing Automation. Use this to welcome new subscribers to your database, but use some campaign real estate to speak about a promotion or offer, or simply provide your new subscribers with some money off the products you sell or services you offer. This is an area often associated with the hospitality and retail industries, but in reality it can benefit any business. Statistics show that triggered emails such as these yield 71% higher open rate and 102% higher click rates than non-triggered email marketing campaigns.

5. Integrate your social media profiles

Sharing your campaigns across your social media profiles can help spread awareness of your email marketing activities and as a result increase subscribers. Furthermore, adding a data capture form to your Facebook business Page can also help with encouraging your social media fans and followers to become mailing list subscribers.

Integrate social media

Help the future you

Complete all of the account administration and setup now rather than diving straight into an email marketing campaign. You’ll thank yourself later down the line and you’re more likely to keep hold of new subscribers. If you have any questions about the setup of your email marketing account don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support team any time on support@sign-up.to or by calling 020 3355 2630.