5 steps to collecting better email subscriber data

4 minute read

The collection of good subscriber data is pretty key when it comes to getting the most out of your email marketing campaigns. The questions is: what exactly is good data? At Sign-Up.to we believe good data comes in two forms. Firstly, it’s essential your data is opt-in (you have permission, direct from the subscriber, to contact them) and secondly, the amount of useful or usable data you obtain from a subscriber is important.

Collecting details such as a subscriber’s birthday can help you create relevant and targeted campaigns, which generally result in improved campaign engagement. So, let’s start collecting better subscriber data.

1. Data capture forms

The use of data capture forms is key when collecting data. Data capture forms can be used in a number of places, such as your website, social media profiles or on a tablet at a trade show or restaurant. This allows you to collect opt-in data via a number of different avenues, improving the amount and quality of data in your subscriber database.

Data capture form

2. Include more fields, get more data

Data capture forms also allow you to control the data you collect from new subscribers. Plan ahead and provide your subscribers with the option to include their gender, location/address or mobile phone number when they sign up. Even if you don’t specifically need that data right away, it allows you to target these subscribers later down the line. Make sure those additional fields are relevant and aren’t compulsory, though, as it may put people off subscribing altogether.

3. Know your subscriber’s birthday

The collection of your subscribers’ birthday details presents huge potential as it allows you to send triggered and targeted campaigns. This is great for encouraging subscribers to visit your establishment on their birthday for a discount or to make the most of a promotion, making it an ideal marketing method for the hospitality, ecommerce and retail industries. You’ll please your subscribers with great, relevant offers and statistics shows that this style of email receives a high level of engagement.

Birthday email

4. Collect feedback from real customers

Are you running a restaurant or public establishment? If so, supply your guests with a means of providing feedback via an online form once they’ve paid their bill. Doing this allows you to gain useful feedback data from your visitors as well as data from your known customers – data that can be targeted again during promotions. It’s important to be careful with negative feedback here, so ensuring this form provides the ability to opt out of communications is a must.

5. Be transparent

Give your subscribers the ability to update their own personal details and subscription preferences. This transparency means subscribers will feel happier that they can control the data you have on them, but also means your records are updated for you when a subscriber’s details change.


Obtaining better subscriber data should be a key aim of your email marketing activities and I hope the pointers above have shown you that it isn’t as hard as you might think to start. The Sign-Up.to platform features everything you need to collect great subscriber data so make sure you register your free account today to get started.