5 email campaigns we love this Valentine’s

3 minute read

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s fair to say the world of marketing has gone to town with this seasonal event. So, love it or hate it, here are five seasonal email marketing campaigns we’ve seen and loved this February.

1. RUSH – An extra 15% off everything Valentine’s Special

If you want to attract the attention of your subscribers then a bold header/top of the email is the way to go. RUSH have hit the nail on the head with this campaign; with bold colours, clear copy and a discount code at the very top of the email, it’s hard to miss this email and their calls to action.


2. English Cheesecake Company – Roll out the Red Velvet this Valentine’s Day!

The bold red image really caught my eye on this email; the contrast with the red and black is really eye-catching and the product choice instantly tells you the email is about Valentine’s Day. The subject line supports it well, with a ‘seasonal’ product chosen.


3. PaperchasePaperchase has Valentine’s Covered with a Free Delivery Upgrade

I’m a big fan of Paperchase and the ’14 reasons’ idea is so simple, yet so effective. This header is followed by 14 products, with clear links through to their website. I’ve also got to mention the main header on the homepage of their website – ‘I love you shed loads’ – pun-tastic, in keeping with their brand and light-hearted.


4. Zizzi – Have a Zizzi Valentines – 3 courses + prosecco for £21.95

Another really powerful header image, with a bold colour scheme, clear product images and interesting typography. Even if you don’t read the copy on this email, the images tell you of three courses for Valentine’s Day, with the heart shapes in the background also supporting the overall message.


5. Links London – Valentine’s Gift Ideas from £35 + Win a Romantic Weekend in London

A softer email, less bold in comparison to the above emails, but Links London have been true to their brand in terms of style, wording and images. It’s great that they’ve divided the email into ‘Gifts she’ll adore’ and ‘Gifts he’ll love’; it immediately draws your eyes to the section relevant to you.


Oh, and a special mention to Pizza Express for getting this rather fabulous image into their Valentine’s email campaign.


Have you seen any interesting Valentine’s themed email campaigns on your travels? Share them with us and we’ll add them to this post!