4 sure-fire ways to lose subscribers

2 minute read

Successful permission marketing is all about building a trusting relationship with your subscribers – break that trust and bad things will happen – here are 4 mistakes to avoid…

Email too often
What too often is depends on what you’re promoting, but it’s always defined by the subscriber themselves. In general if you’re not offering news updates or specific regular promotions you really need to start looking closely at what you’re doing if you’re emailing the same people more than once a week.

If you’re bombarding subscribers with information then they’re likely to either opt-out or start ignoring your emails altogether.

Don’t email often enough

Just to make things even trickier, if you’re not in touch often enough then you’ll also see response rates drop rapidly. People’s details changes, their interests shift and they may well forget all about you – so that email you send in 3 months after they subscribed just gets ignored.

Send irrelevant information
If someone subscribes to your monthly bee keeping newsletter and suddenly you email them about ladies shoes, then you’ve just wasted their time and damaged your reputation. Expect a sharp increase in unsubscriptions but also expect to see the response rates to your normal newsletters drop as well as you’ll have just broken your subscribers’ trust in you and this isn’t something that’s easy to get back.

Pass their details on to others
Similar to the last point, this is all about trust. Don’t even think about doing this. Indeed, in the UK and many other countries this is often illegal and could land you with a large fine – not to mention a lot of very angry subscribers.