13 free email marketing templates have just arrived in your Sign-Up.to account

1 minute read

To follow on from the launch of our brand new template browser (and new templates!), we’ve just added a further 13 free email marketing templates to all Sign-Up.to accounts. Each template has been built for the Campaign Designer mode, and they’re all highly customisable, suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

The new batch include ‘Cut + Paste’, a vibrant two column template ideal for promotional updates and ‘Bullet News’, a clean cut one column template. There’s also ‘Where we are’, a location based template, and our lively ‘Juicebar’ template, guaranteed to catch the eyes of your subscribers.

Cut + Paste For Science Where We Are
Appointment Bullet News Dominoes
Widespread Sommer Chiclet
Juicebar Racer Red Pepper
3 Trees

We’re always looking to develop templates that we think will be useful to our clients, so if there are any template styles you’d like to see in your account please drop us an email.