12 rules of Christmas e-marketing

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12 rules of Christmas e-marketing

Well it’s that time of year again. Some pop band has turned on the lights down Oxford street everyone seems to be running around buying presents.

We can’t help you bag a bargain gift for your loved ones but we can give you some tips to help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

1.    Use opt-in data
you’ll always get a better response from a list you built organically. Recipients will want to read what you send and they’ll trust you more.

2.    Content is king
Irrespective of anything else, you need to make sure you have great, compelling content that’s right for your audience – it needs to be relevant and interesting. This will take a bit of time and effort to put together, but that effort will be repaid handsomely.

3.    Branding continuity
your clients will be familiar with your website, why not send emails that are consistent with its appearance and extend its appeal.

4.    Don’t email too often
You’ve worked hard to obtain their details, bombarding them with emails could trigger them to unsubscribe.

5.    Make sure you email often enough
Just to make things even trickier, if you’re not in touch often enough then you’ll also see response rates drop rapidly.

6.    Call to action
Give your recipients a reason to read and interact with your emails.

7.    Always check before you send
Testing your campaigns takes two seconds and can avoid an embarrassing mistake (made by you) being seen by thousands!

8.    Attach a plain text version
Most recipients will receive HTML emails, but for those who can’t, a plain text email will ensure they read what you have to tell them.

9.    Keep data secure
Make sure you and you alone have access to your database. Selling it on or lending it to a friend is a sure fire way of losing contacts, and it’ll damage your reputation.

10.    Subject line
Make sure it’s relevant. A good subject line will entice your recipients into reading.

11.    Get viral with your campaigns
Encouraging recipients to forward your campaigns to their friends costs you nothing and can more than double your readership.

12.    Use a reputable email marketing company
Ahem…….Sign-Up.to need I say more?
Follow these rules and you’ll be having a very merry Christmas, pear trees, partridges…..the lot!

Remember if you need help me and the rest of the Sign-Up.to are full of the festive spirit and are more than willing to assist you.

Happy holidays!