The Rundown Report: Google’s lost court case

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Another working week is almost complete and the weather is looking, fingers crossed, warm and sunny for the weekend!

This week we’re taking on a new format for the Rundown Report – a look over our five favourite news stories from the world of marketing. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

1. Google’s lost court case

Our biggest news story this week was the EU ruling that Google has to amend/remove search results, upon an individual’s request. The ‘right to be forgotten’ law had been long in the making, and this week movements were made. Google are obviously said to be ‘disappointed’ by the ruling.

2. Say hello to Dixons Carphone

After a £3.8bn merger this week, the combined forces of Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse are now hoping to exploit the ‘internet of things’ – preparing for what the future has in store. Will it work? Let’s wait and see.

3. The self-destructing messaging technology

Blink and you’ll miss it! Yahoo have recently acquired Blink, a mobile application that allows users to share messages that then self-destruct. Why? The BBC reports that they plan to ‘poach the talent behind it’.

4. A new Gmail? have recently reported that Google are testing out a new-look Gmail. It’s early days yet, but these screenshots suggest a big change may be on its way.

5. Super cat!

Forgive us, it’s Friday afternoon and we had to sneak a cat video in. Viral videos pop up from time to time and sweep the internet and all who use it. Move over Fenton, here’s Tara, the cat who rescued a little boy from the neighbour’s dog.


Seen any other news stories that caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about it.

Have a great weekend!