10 of the week’s best articles – Rundown Report [ISSUE 27] – 9th May 2014

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Another long weekend followed by a busy week in the world of online marketing and social media. Let the articles below bring you up to speed on what’s happened this week.

Email marketing news and articles

Agile creative

  • 7 must-have email marketing features | So, your business is doing email marketing, right? Are you actively using all of these email marketing features? This handy article from PracticalEcommerce shows you the features you should be using and how you should be using them.
  • Fun with email fundamentals | If you’re new to email marketing or just want to get your campaigns up to scratch this article from ClickZ will be of real use to you. Learn the fundamentals of email marketing and improve your emails.

Social media news and articles


Marketing news and articles

The boredom-buster

  • Contre Jour | This popular smartphone game is now available to play in your web browser! The aim of the game is to get the blob (Petit) to the end marker by manipulating the environment around it.

Image of the week


This week saw the introduction of #AmazonCart – a new way for Amazon customers to add products to their shopping carts using Twitter. This is a whole new way of using social media, and something which could set the precedence for how social networks are used in future.

That concludes this week’s Rundown Report. Be sure to visit us again next week for more news and interesting articles from the marketing world in another Rundown Report. Have a great weekend!