10 of the week’s best articles – Rundown Report [ISSUE 26] – 2nd May 2014

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As another action-packed week in the world of online marketing comes to an end, here’s our pick of this week’s marketing and social media news and articles.

Email marketing news and articles

  • Tube strike Tuesday | The Tube strike brought commuting chaos to the streets of London this week, a topic used by a number of brands to market their products and services. This article from Email Design Review takes a look at some great email campaigns with a strike-themed message.

Keep London moving

  • 3 reasons to consider sending more emails | How often do you send out email marketing campaigns? Well, there’s a huge argument for sending more, and this article from eM+C shows you why.
  • 5 signs you don’t have an email strategy | Having a strategy behind your email marketing efforts is important, even if it’s very loose. Not having a strategy could impact on the worth you get out of your campaigns. Not sure either way? Let ClickZ show you whether you have a strategy or not.
  • 7 crucial KPIs for email marketing | A lot of companies use email marketing for a number of different things, not just selling. That being the case, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t. These KPIs from Practical Ecommerce should help you out.

Social media news and articles

Website cards

  • 18 of the best branded Vines of April 2014 | Vine seems to be gaining more and more ground, and it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst well-known brands who are getting very creative. Econsultancy have compiled some of the best Vines from the last month.
  • Instagram posts get 120x Twitter engagement & 58x Facebook! | If your business isn’t on Instagram, this article will give you a good excuse to go and set that account up. Seriously, go and set that account up now… You’ll want to once you’ve read this article from Marketing Pilgrim.

Marketing news and articles

The boredom-buster

  • HexGL | This is a fantastic HTML5 game, much like Wipeout for the PlayStation (released in 1995), where you’re challenged to fly an anti-gravity ship-car-rocket-thing around a track. Great graphics and gameplay for a quick browser game. Beware, it gets quite addictive.

Image of the week

Snapchat Chat

Yesterday Snapchat updated their app to now include chat, prompting people on Twitter to rename it ‘Snapchatchat’. This means you can now send text messages and video call other Snapchat users. As if we needed more ways to keep in touch with one another… Check out the official Snapchat blog post for more details.

That concludes this week’s Rundown Report. Be sure to visit us again next week for more news and interesting articles from the marketing world in another Rundown Report. Have a great weekend!