10 of the week’s best articles – Rundown Report [ISSUE 25] – 25th April 2014

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Feeling a little sluggish after a long weekend of eating chocolate? Well, we’ve brought the world of marketing and social media to you this week so you don’t have to move… Here’s the Rundown Report!

Email marketing news and articles

  • The disconnect between transactional and promotional emails | Automated and transactional emails are often sent through a completely different system than marketing emails, but there are many reasons why this shouldn’t be the case. Find out more in this article from Marketing Land.
  • How to code HTML5 video background in email | Email design is becoming a lot more advanced with HTM5, and this campaign from the guys at Litmus really impressed me this week. Introducing video in email. Here’s how they did it.
  • Attack of the 1160 pixel women | A trend in clothing retailer emails was spotted by Email Snarketing this week. It seems we have an invasion of 1160 pixel women in several email campaigns. What are your thoughts on this design trend?
  • The 2 things email marketing experts are doing in 2014 | So, you want to know exactly what the best email marketers in the business are doing this year? Check out this article from Tech Cocktail to find out what they’re doing and how you can do it too.

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Social media news and articles

19 social media facts

Marketing news and articles

The boredom-buster

Image of the week

Google Maps time machine

This week has seen the introduction of the Google Maps time machine. You can now scroll back through time to see how a view has changed – pretty amazing stuff. Whenever you see a clock icon you can start rolling back time!

That concludes another Rundown Report. Be sure to check out next week’s Rundown Report for more news and interesting articles from the marketing world. Have a great weekend!