The Rundown Report: The road ahead

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I’m looking forward to speaking at the Integrated Live event at the London ExCeL centre in 2 weeks time. I’ll be speaking about email marketing (of course!), specifically the importance of mobile responsive design, but in a week that saw a High Court ruling cast doubt on our ease of departure from the European Union I’ll also be looking forward to sitting in on these 2 other EU related marketing presentations…

GB and EU arrows

BREXIT – The Future Belongs to the Young… Or Does It?


Everyone’s talking about BREXIT. Yes, it floored us all – the country actually chose the riskier option of change. But we mustn’t be distracted by the capital ‘P’ Politics. This is all about small ‘p’ politics – about the people. As there starts to be as many ‘old’ as ‘young’, is BREXIT just the first sign on the horizon of a future that in fact does not belong to the next generation (Tash Walker, Founder, The Mix).

How marketers can plan for success under the new GDPR regulations


 The General Data Protection Regulation text is now agreed and the clock is ticking down to May 25th 2018. That’s really not long in the world of marketing – especially when databases and marketing processes may have to change to take account of the new regulations. What you should be thinking about now and how can you counter any potentially negative impacts on your business? (Simon Blanchard, Marketing Consultant in CRM & Digital Marketing strategies).