A day to remember – marketing automation by date

4 minute read

If, like me, you love your marketing automation, here’s a new enhancement to brighten your day.

In a nutshell – you can now trigger automated responses according to a specific date. We call it ‘date triggered automation’, of course! This means that as well as automation rules triggered by birthdays (this has always been a popular feature), automation rules can now be triggered by subscriber creation date and other date-type custom subscriber profile fields.



So what’s different?

Go to the Marketing Automation section (you’ll find this in ‘Send’) and start a new rule. The updated user interface for the trigger point contains 4 options:

– it’s around a specific date
(that’s the new one – it used to say ‘it’s the subscriber’s birthday)
– a subscriber opens an email
– a subscriber clicks a link in an email
– a subscriber is added to a list

select event dialogue

Selecting the first option now brings you to a series of further options for a birthday, subscriber creation date and a custom date.

select event - display events

Birthday is just like before. On or around a subscriber’s birthday (you control the timing) you can schedule a special birthday campaign. Invite them and their friends to your restaurant or add a complimentary discount code. It works really well. All you need is a robust data collection process to make sure your data is accurate.

Subscriber creation date is the date a subscriber was first added to your account. Applying this as a marketing automation trigger opens up lots of opportunities for things like welcomes, renewals, reminders and other timed notifications. Yes, in the past you could do this by manipulating when subscribers were added to a specific list, but working directly with the date makes it much simpler and more intuitive. There are a few safeguards in place (you can’t trigger on a date before their creation date!) and you’ll need to take care if you are in the habit of deleting and re-creating subscribers as this will re-set the creation date.

The custom date is a profile field that allows you to trigger an automation based on any given date. Select this option and you can browse and select any existing date-type profile field as your trigger point (the profile field will need to be a date-type format in order to be recognised). Again the potential applications are many. Date information which is appended to an individual’s profile is uniquely associated with them so it’s perfect for delivering timely messages, whatever the situation or need.

custom spf picker

If you’re a current Sign-Up.to user (thank you!) you’ll find these enhancements already in your platform. Let us know what you think. And if you’re new to marketing automation and you’d like one of our guys to talk you through how it could be of benefit – give us a call. We’ll be happy to explain further.

There’s more detail available on using Marketing Automation on our Knowledge Base.