The Rundown Report: Microsoft’s spam filters, emoji’s and Snapchat

1 minute read

Let’s sit back and enjoy a quick summary of 5 news stories that caught our eye this week…

1. Outlook and Hotmail flooded by spam

Earlier this week, Microsoft ran into problems with their email filters – causing users of Outlook and Hotmail to receive excessive amounts of spam email. Were you affected by this?

2. 72 new emoji’s are on their way!

The Guardian has reported that The Unicode Consortium have approved 72 much-requested emoji’s. They’re likely to go live later this month and include crossed fingers, a carrot and a clown.


3. Snapchat and Wimbledon team up

June is the month of the Wimbledon tennis tournament and Snapchat have teamed up with them to share live footage of the event. The IAB report that Snapchat now has approximately 10 million active users in the UK.

Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about them.