DMS preview… on permission, engagement and mobile design

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Ahead of next week’s Digital Marketing Show I met up at a recording studio in London with Izzy Seddon, Event and Production Executive at Freshly Made Content to discuss just some of the topics that we’ll be talking about at the show.


IS: What is the one thing that every business should have in their digital toolbox?

TK: As providers of email marketing of course I would say email.

But it’s not just me. According to the DMA, 40% of marketers are spending more than 30% of their overall marketing budget on email, and the return on investment is still rated between 20 to 30 times, even higher for those who heavy rely on digital channels in their marketing mix.

For everyday communications like newsletters and product and service promotions email still represents one of the easiest and most accessible digital channels that business have at their disposal.

IS: You’re speaking at our event. What is one thing that you’d like the audience to walk away with?

TK: Our presentation is on engagement, specifically how you can quantify and then use intelligence on how your customers interact with your campaigns to target future communications more effectively.

But the take home message is actually wider than this. It’s actually about the benefits of profiling and targeting marketing campaigns in general.

Engagement is a fairly sophisticated profiling technique, but there are lots of other simple ways that email marketers can use to better understand the specific circumstances and needs of their audience.

Profiling intelligence allows you to add relevance to your campaigns and relevance is a key differentiator when competing for the attention of your audience. So the take home is however you chose to do it – use profiling to be more relevant to your audience.


IS: What top 3 tips would you give to someone starting out in digital marketing?

TK: First and foremost – plan. You can be flexible of course but starting with a solid strategy is really going to help.

Secondly, like all marketing activity, treat your digital marketing as a closed loop process. It’s really easy to dash from one project to the next without taking time to understand your results. So review the feedback information that’s available and use this to continually refine your future campaigns.

And thirdly, stay close to your sales team. I’ve seen many campaigns, especially those in the digital field, which are interesting marketing ventures but which have little relevance or connection to the sales process.

It might seem obvious but marketing and sales ultimately share the same objectives so they should operate with a high degree of coordination.

IS: Mobiles are such an important factor – how important is mobile to improving customer relationships?

TK: It’s true that embracing mobile is now an essential strategy for any digital marketer, but especially for those using email.

It varies by demographic but it’s likely that over 50% of marketing emails will be read on a mobile device – that includes tablets and a whole range of smart phone technologies. The big opportunity is that at the moment only a relatively small proportion of emails are optimised for mobile.

From a customer relationship point of view again it comes down to engagement. A large proportion of our audience has clearly chosen mobile as their preferred device, so anything that we as marketers can do to improve their mobile experience has got to improve our relationship.

IS: What is your top digital no-no?

TK: I think for all email marketers that’s a simple one. Permission, or more accurately as your question is a no-no – non-permission.

Permission is the foundation of the ongoing relationship that we have with our customer. It’s simply the essential starting point for any communication campaign.

I know that the legitimate email marketers out there take permission extremely seriously but we’re all competing with a huge volume of email noise much of which is still unsolicited and unwelcome. So I think we all need to evangelise permission more strongly – not just from within our own community as email marketers, but also as email consumers ourselves.

The Digital Marketing Show takes place at London ExCel Campus on 19-20th November 2014. will be exhibiting on stand A60 and presenting on ‘Engagement’.

View highlights of the discussion video here.