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This week we’ve been invited to speak at the Elite Business Live event at the ExCeL centre in London – it’s a great opportunity to talk about 4 of our email marketing passions – integrated data, marketing automation, audience profiling and dynamic personalisation.

Here’s a quick pre-event interview taster…

Elite Business live

Q1. At Elite Business Live you are talking about email marketing at one of your customers, Olympic Holidays. What’s so special about their email marketing environment?

There are 4 components to Olympic Holiday’s email marketing environment that make it so effective.

Firstly – all of their in-house data applications are closely integrated. This synchronisation means that their email marketing is able to pick up and use the very latest information available from applications like their CRM, online booking and other travel systems.

Secondly – many of their outbound emails are automatically triggered in response to specific customer actions, for example an initial reservation, an upgrade or request to review their experience for a returning traveller. Automating these processes ensures that the correct information is always delivered at exactly the right time.

Thirdly – Olympic use behavioural profiling (we call it Audience Insights) to gain a detailed understanding of the interests of their customers. It works by going beyond standard email analysis, tracking their subsequent online browsing behaviour and collecting information about their preferences and interests.

The final step is to intelligently apply this information. Using a variety of personalisation techniques the insight gained is used automatically tailor future campaigns, creating content which is much more relevant to the specific needs of individuals within the audience.

Q2. Are these email marketing technologies which are accessible to everyone?

It’s true to say that these techniques are certainly not in place everywhere, but the main obstacle for many is the desire to do this, not the technology itself. In principle all of these techniques are all relatively easy to implement. Like Olympic Holidays, the starting point is to have the ambition and the vision to do this.

Most email systems either have pre-built integrations or an API which can be used to connect a wide range of data applications – and Marketing Automation rules are incredibly easy to set up.

Behavioural profiling is probably the most complex as it requires some online tracking to be set up and it’s very specific to each company’s situation. But with a little online expertise it’s still well within the reach of most businesses.

Dynamic personalisation is also relatively simple. These days you can use special dynamic components directly within the responsive email editor.

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