Creating responsive emails. Your FAQs.

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If only…  there was one handy place where all your questions on using the responsive email editor were answered. Aha! When it comes to creating emails you certainly have lots of questions! We’ve gathered all of the most common and put them all into a new FAQ Knowledge Base guide.

Email editor FAQ

Why responsive? With over 50% of emails being read on a mobile device, responsive design is simply a ‘must-have’ technology when creating your campaigns.  That’s why we designed the email editor using responsive technology from the ground up.  You’re free to get as creative as you like, with the confidence that your emails will always look great on whichever device type they are read – desktop, tablet or mobile – even in landscape and portrait orientation.

Check out our new Knowledge Base guide for the answers to all of these questions:

What is the difference between the Email Editor and Campaign Designer?

Why responsive email?

Can I add a space/line in the text box to move my text down?

Can I add more white space between my components within the email?

Why does the spacer component disappear on a mobile device?

My images are the right size in Email editor, but are too big when I send my email?

Can I add my social media site links to my email?

Can my subscribers share content within my campaign to their social media accounts?

Is there a way that I can use a component again with the same content and themes in future email campaigns?

Can I create a custom component that cannot be built using the editor itself?

Is there a way to save an email campaign for future use?

What does the Markdown cheat sheet bit in the text box mean?

Why do the columns of my email re-order on mobile? Is there any way I can control this?

How do I drag and drop using a touchscreen device?

Anatomy of an emailAnd, if you want to understand more about what makes the perfect email – try our free coffee break guide ‘The Anatomy of an Email’. We’ve dissected the 12 essential elements that form the anatomy of an email and created the essential guide to building effective emails.

It’s free to download from our website.