Comparing the performance of multiple email campaigns

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A really nice feature of the ‘Analyse’ section is the option to compare the results of multiple campaigns. You can use it to directly compare the performance of any selection of campaigns but it’s particularly useful to measure the relative performance of regular email deliveries like newsletters or other campaigns which are being sent to the same audience.

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How to do it

There’s 2 ways to find the email comparison feature. Either select the ‘Email analysis’ from the main ‘Analyse’ menu and then click the ‘How do my emails compare’ in the Analysis reports listed.

Alternatively when you are looking at the results of a particular campaign scroll down to the ‘Additional reports’ section (you’ll find this underneath the graph showing your first 24hr viewing stats, next to the link statistics), and select the ‘Compare this campaign with others’ option. Either way this will take you to the campaign comparison feature.

Menu navigation

Once you are there you can select up to 10 campaigns to compare from your history.  Finally click ‘Create report’ and you’re done. It’ll confirm the date range of your selected campaigns and then go on to compile the selected results.

At the top of the report you’ll see 3 summary sections showing overview statistics for the selected campaigns:

  • The average performance (opens, clicks and unsubscribes) for the selected campaigns
  • How these results compare to your all-time averages
  • The combined results (including the number of sends) for the selected campaigns.

Below here you’ll see 3 compound graphs showing a direct comparison of the opens, clicks and unsubscribes of each of the selected campaigns. Finally, at the very bottom you’ll see a summary of the data which has been used to produce the graphs. Clicking on any of the listed campaigns will take you to the detailed analysis of that particular campaign.

Comparing multiple campaign opens

Compare opens

Comparing multiple campaign clicks

COmpare clicks

Comparing multiple campaign unsubscribes

Compare unsubscribes

It may not be rocket science but it can save you a lot of time and like the rest of it’s designed to be practical, useful and really easy to use.

By the way – if you want more information on performance metrics – what are they, which to review and what do they tell you – here’s a quick recap in some of my other recent blog posts.