Be bright, be brief, be gone

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We love email – you might have noticed! – and we’ve been blogging a lot lately about what makes a great email campaign. What’s the secret? Many say that great email is the same as any form of communication…

Be bright
.. Be brief
… Be gone

In truth there are lots of considerations to creating the perfect email campaign – your audience,  their expectation, their need, your objective, your style, your message… to name just a few. It’s worth taking time to get it right. With around 200 billion emails being sent every day it’s hard to get noticed, opened and clicked.

Gallery images

We’ve been collecting together a few of our favourite customer emails. There’s no particular rhyme or reason – they are all different – but we think these campaigns have that hard to define quality that just makes them… ‘stand out’.

Design gallery

See what you think – you can find the full email design gallery online here.

And yours?  It’s a work in progress so send us your favourite email campaign and, if we agree, we’ll be pleased to add you to the gallery. Just drop us an email ( with the URL link to your campaign.

Anatomy of an emailBy the way, if you’d like some more ideas and practical tips, check out our latest coffee break guide – ‘The anatomy of an email’ – 43 pages. It’s free to download here.