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We’ve been talking about the process of email design a lot lately. That’s the ‘create‘ section of the platform. It’s time to take stock.


Here’s a collection of some of our recent blog posts on email design. It’s a blog within a blog – you may have seen them before but I hope this serves as a handy reference that has all the links in one handy place. Click the ‘Read more’ to take you through to the original blog piece.

The anatomy of an email

Anatomy of an email

What makes a great email campaign? We’ve dissected an email campaign into 12 ‘anatomical’ elements. You’ll find out how each element works, why it’s important and practical tips for implementation. Read more

Create your own email templates

Save as template

You can go ‘free-style’ and use components to build your new layout from first principles every time, but you’ll probably find that the existing templates are a useful starting point. Here’s how to create and save your own templates. Read more

‘Components’ – the building blocks of email design

Component selection

Structure will help guide your readers through your email content and using components is how you do it – they are the underlying design technology that allows you to freely create the structure or layout of your email. Read more

7 tools to help you create perfect email campaigns

Word cloud

Style and layout are important, but ultimately the impact of your message relies on the strength of your content. So how do you ensure you’re sending out the very best work you can? Here are 7 content tools we think you’ll like. Read more

Optimising image quality in your emails


A picture is worth a thousand words. That may be true but what format of image should you use and how should you optimise it for inclusion in your email. Here’s a handy guide to image type and size. Read more

Responsive design. Mindset and mechanics

Mobile devices

Creating emails which are equally accessible on any device means adapting both how they are conceived and how they are built.  Here’s a discussion of how responsive design works and some important considerations of how to ‘think’ mobile. Read more

A custom template speeds email design at the IAB

IAB logo

When the IAB switched their email supplier to a mobile responsive custom email template was the first item on their wish list.  Here’s their story of how a custom template is now their go to starting point for all of their campaigns. Read more

How to use Markdown for quick text styling

This is a heading

Markdown is a quick syntax for adding simple styling for HTML based text. This blog post gives the most common applications of markdown syntax for body text – things like applying headings, bold, italic and underscore. Read more

Email design. What are you looking at?

Eye tracking

How do you organise and display your email content to maximum effect? When it comes to understanding what your email readers are looking at, eye tracking provides at least some of the answers. Read more

Precision personalisation prevents poor performance

Seven audience dimensions

Is it always good to personalise? It tends to work best when it’s there but it feels natural and unforced. Here’s how to do it well, and… what to avoid. Read more

Create a successful call to action for your email campaign

Call to action

What is a Call to Action and why should it matter to your email marketing? Here’s the starter guide on how to create and include successful calls to action in your email campaigns. Read more

More… on calls to action

Call to action

Here are some considerations when designing and including the calls to action in your email campaigns – text links, images, HTML buttons. Why, when and how should you use these common Call to Action techniques. Read more

3 ‘must-have’ inclusions in your email campaign

Include these

Stop! Before you declare your email campaign ready to go, check that you’ve included these 3 ‘must-have’ items – reply to address, registration details, unsubscribe. Read more

Be bright, be brief, be gone

Gallery images

Sizzling subject lines, compelling copy and gorgeous graphics. Check out some of our favourite email campaigns in the customer gallery. Read more...

5 ideas to make your emails go further

Shares (600x170)

Send is not the end. Before you move on to your next campaign, here are five practical ideas on how to help your email campaign spread that little bit further. Read more

Above the fold. Is it relevant for email?

Above the fold

With online content ‘above the fold’ has now become synonymous with ‘above the scroll’. But is ‘above the fold’ still relevant? It’s fair to say that opinion is divided. Read more