Adding multiple unsubscribers to your Do Not Contact list

2 minute read

Do not contactNew feature! – by popular request we’ve upgraded the tool for manually adding contacts to the ‘do not contact’ (DNC) list in your account.

The DNC is the ‘master’ list of those who have unsubscribed or otherwise been removed from your campaign deliveries. Contacts on this list will always be automatically be excluded from any mailings.

Previously manually adding contacts to your DNC list was a one-at-a-time manual process. It’s now possible to add a larger number of do not contact entries all in one go by specifying those to be excluded in a simple list format. For convenience, multiple entries can be separated by either a comma, white space or a new line.

Do not contact upload

If over 100 entries are added, then they are split up into batches of 100 and each batch is uploaded in turn. For uploads with more than 20 entries, so you can see the progress of your upload, we’ve also added a handy progress status bar.

If any entries are incorrectly formatted, at the end of the process they are put back into the text area and a yellow warning is displayed informing you what’s happened, along with the advice to check the failed entries. Any duplications (i.e. where the entry already exists on the do not contact list) are taken care of automatically.

Very large uploads might take a short while to process, but in our tests it took just a few seconds to populate the DNC with a list of around 10,000 contacts.  Done!

Do not contact upload