A custom DKIM is good for your business

3 minute read

Here’s a simple way to improve your email campaign delivery rate, enhance your brand identity, and protect your reputation as a genuine email marketer. It’s called a custom DKIM.

First, a step back. What is DKIM?

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an authentication technique designed to enhance security for the senders and receivers of email.  It’s like an encrypted digital fingerprint or signature which can be used to verify the credentials of email traffic. Essentially it provides a method of validating to your campaign recipients that you and your email are who and what they say they are.

DKIM works by using a private domain key to encrypt your domain’s outgoing mail headers, and adding a public version of the key to the domain’s DNS records. Comparison of the decrypted original and received headers can then be used to check that all is well – that your email comes from your domain and that it hasn’t been changed along the way.



So what are the benefits of a custom DKIM?

The most obvious advantage is that of additional security, and with that the potential for improved rates of delivery. Positive DKIM identification will ensure your reputation as a genuine email marketer and will significantly improve your chances of a successful delivery. Phishing attacks and other unscrupulous emails don’t have verifiable DKIM signatures so successfully identifying your email as having originated from a trusted domain will significantly reduce its likelihood of being identified as spam. In fact the opposite.

It also helps to enhance your own brand identity. As a user of the Sign-Up.to platform, as standard, all of your email deliveries will be sent from Sign-Up.to on behalf of your own company name. When you create an email campaign in your Sign-Up.to account, you can choose your own email address to appear as the ‘from’ address in the inbox. However when the campaign reaches the email host, it will check the full sending information and find that it’s actually come from our servers. Creating a custom DKIM gives you the option to replace the reference to Sign-Up.to and mark your campaigns as coming from your own brand identity. For example:

Standard: YourCompany@sutx.co.uk on behalf of YourFromAddress <YourFromAddress>

Customised: <YourFromAddress> (i.e all references to Sign-Up.to are removed)

A customised DKIM will also uniquely identify your company on any online views of your campaigns, your tracked links and on your unsubscribe/preference pages.

How do you do it?

Simple. complete the form here and our Client Success team will get in touch to set it up for you. There’s a little work (hence a small charge) to set it up but it’s well worth it.