7 tools to help you create perfect email campaigns

5 minute read

When designing your email campaigns style and layout are important, but ultimately the impact of your message relies on the strength of your content. So how do you ensure you’re sending out the very best work you can? Here are 7 tools we think you’ll like.

Word cloud

Hemingway App


The Hemingway App provides one of those eureka moments and you wonder how you coped without it when writing your email campaigns! With the Hemingway App it’ll look at your copy and highlight where improvements can be made; anything from long sentences to those hard to read, this website will help you think about your copy and how it can quickly be improved.



Similar to The Hemingway App, Grammarly is designed to help you improve your written content. It claims to help correct up to 10 times more mistakes than a standard word processor and, having used it ourselves, we’ve got to agree. You can also add it to your browser in Chrome, making it even easily to get help as you work away.


Word cloud

Are you getting your message across? Does your copy have the right focus? Word clouding is a really useful technique that gives you a visual representation of the emphasis of your copy. It’s especially useful for slightly longer, more wordy messages. There are lot’s of free and subscription based word clouding tools available. For most of us, emails are relatively short. For these, WorditOut is ideal, and it’s free to use. Just paste your text into the dialogue box and it will automatically generate the word cloud. If you want to get artistic you can change the colours and fonts. On the left is a word cloud of Wikipedia’s summary description of ’email marketing’, and on the right – I’ll let you guess – use your imagination.



Aside from writing, if it’s design you’re struggling with Canva might be just what you need. Canva’s features include adding copy over an image, free icons and ‘tidying up’ features (including cropping and straightening), all designed to make it easy and accessible to make your images come to life. It’s available on web and iPad and they also have lots of tutorials to help you along the way.

Nifty images


Staying with image design, Nifty images helps you create dynamic images for your email campaigns (as well as countdown timers). Nifty images is paid for, but they do offer a 30 day free trial – so worth giving it a go. Countdown timers are a great feature to include in your email marketing, especially if you offer time-sensitive offers. The notion of seeing a timer is likely to encourage your subscribers to take immediate action.

Motion Mail


Let’s also take a look at Motion Mail, offering you countdown timers for your email campaign. While Nifty images also offers this feature, Motion Mail is free and allows you to update the timer at any point – even after the email has been sent and opened by recipients. Motion Mail includes an intuitive builder so it’s easier than ever to add a timer to your email campaign.



Last but by no means least, away from copy and design, have you tested your email campaign? Are you confident it’s going to look as good in Outlook as it does in Hotmail? This is where Litmus steps in, as it’ll thoroughly test your email campaign in all email clients and present you with screenshots for review and action – all before you send. If you’re a Sign-Up.to customer, it’s also the technology behind our Inbox Testing feature.

Do you have any web tools you’re always using? Drop us a line at solutions@sign-up.to.