Add SMS to your email strategy

Your complete SMS messaging solution

Send bulk SMS messages

Sending text messages online – to one person or thousands – is easy with our powerful SMS gateway. The process is quick, reliable and secure.


Allow people to register for your email updates via SMS, with text-to-subscribe. It’s a great way to add new subscribers to your database.

Receive SMS replies

Use our shared shortcode, or your own dedicated number to receive SMS messages – your SMS campaign is ready to go instantly.


Add the power of SMS sending and receiving to your own data applications by using our RESTful SMS API (Application Programming Interface).

“Combining both email and SMS for different purposes and different audiences gives us a unique set of communication options…” Toursareus

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Send bulk/broadcast SMS messages

Sending bulk quantities of text messages online is easy using our powerful SMS gateway.

The process is quick, reliable and secure. Simply upload your contact numbers, enter the message you’d like to send and choose exactly when you’d like it sent. We take care of the rest.

To ensure high quality, fast, reliable delivery of SMS messages we created our own SMS gateway software in-house, giving us complete control. We only route messages through high-quality networks with full support for delivery receipts, concatenated messages and ported numbers, so you can be confident in your delivery rates.

You can manage bulk SMS messaging either using our secure online tools (hosted on our own hardware platform) or through our RESTful SMS API service if you wish to connect directly to your own applications.

SMS message editor
SMS Text-In
create interactive sms experiences

2-Way SMS campaigns

Our web-based SMS marketing platform lets you create interactive text message campaigns with just a few clicks.

Using our intuitive web interface you choose your keyword on our UK shortcode (61211), set up the rules for how we should handle inbound messages and create any automated SMS replies. Your campaign is ready to go instantly.

2-way SMS Gateway

In order to send and receive SMS messages an SMS gateway is required, to connect to the many different mobile networks. This allows the sending of broadcast messages and also the receipt of replies through either an SMS short code or long number (MSISDN). provide a complete gateway solution using our in-house built, high-performance SMS platform. You can use this either through our easy to use, secure web interface, or by using our SMS API to integrate with your own applications. Our SMPP based platform handles high-speed message receipt and delivery, as well as queuing and throttling when mobile networks are busy. Delivery receipts come as standard too.

Grow your email list anywhere


Running a Permission Marketing program always starts from the same place – getting people to raise their hands and ask to hear more from you.

With the media saturated with news of smartphones and social media it’s easy to overlook some of the simpler methods which can be used to engage with your audience. Offering a text-to-subscribe service is a quick and low-cost way to allow people to opt-in to receive SMS and email alerts from you.

Text-to-subscribe enables people to opt-in wherever they are, using a technology everyone is familiar with (SMS) and gives the marketeer a number of tricks that they can use to engage people in more depth and measure return on investment (ROI).

SMS Subscribe
Add the power of SMS to your applications


Our RESTful SMS API provides full 2-way SMS messaging access, allowing you to send and receive SMS messages from your own application using the SMS gateways.

You can send broadcast SMS messages, receive SMS messages using our UK shortcode or internationally accessible MSISDN number and retrieve message delivery information.

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