Case Studies

Suzannah – beautifully tailored British fashion

Managed email marketing services to promote an exclusive fashion brand


Suzannah has worked in the fashion industry for 20 years as a designer, stylist and trend forecaster. With a nostalgic love of the fashion icons of yesterday, Suzannah embraces the challenge of creating unique designs for today. Suzannah uses Managed Marketing Services from to promote her brand and create loyal engaged customers.

The Suzannah story:

”I run a bespoke and ready to wear fashion line – it’s a luxury business. I have a shop in New Quebec Street in London and also an online website (called which is an ecommerce site and also a showcase for my brand. The type of clothing I produce is mainly for events – it’s quite specialised and completely immaculate. Most of it is made in Britain and I have quite a few celebrity and royal clients.

The brand has been going for 7 years and I’ve always endeavoured to promote my business through group emails out to my database. I have around 2000 subscribers and I’ve used various things; a graphic designer, then I also tried to use MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and different services like that. I ended up spending an awful lot of time trying to create professional looking emails that had consistency and relevance, which all ended up taking absolutely ages. In my mind I would have liked to send out emails every 3 to 4 weeks, but in reality because they took me so long they went out probably every 3 to 4 months, and never looked that great.

I use the Managed Marketing Services at They literally prompt me the week before that I’ve got an email going out next week. I put my email assets together, send them over and they apply them to the template and send it back for me to approve. They send it out and manage all of the results.

Using has been absolutely fantastic because we are such a small company and everybody is torn in many ways, but we do like to appear like a bigger brand. Actually we are run on 4 people and contractors, so its important for us to work with the right partners. are absolutely fantastic in this because they’ve literally taken over our email and digital marketing which we hadn’t ever really run consistently before.

I’ve always been known as a brand for fantastic press and really good communications. We respond to our customers quickly and we’re very sincere, so it was important that we were portrayed in the email and digital marketplace really well. That’s what have managed to do for us. It’s just been absolutely irreplaceable and has had such phenomenal results.

They’ve taken a weight off our shoulders by literally coming on board almost as if they’re working within the company. They’ve managed to know the tone of voice, the honesty and the right message to put across to our customers.”