Case Studies

PAUL UK – boulangerie, pâtisserie and café chain deliver a fresh email marketing platform and service for PAUL UK


With over a century of successful business to follow, PAUL UK’s ongoing challenge is to keep it’s email marketing as fresh as it’s daily range of produce. Their solution is to combine in-house campaign execution with expert guidance from’s Managed Services team.

For over 125 years, and now spanning 5 generations, PAUL epitomises the best in traditional French baking. Originally located in France (of course!) but now with over 500 outlets in 29 countries, PAUL is best known for traditional French delicacies, including artisan breads, sandwiches and pastries, but it also serves a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. PAUL UK, the UK business group of the PAUL empire, currently manages 31 London outlets. It’s business model includes traditional direct to customer sales through workshop boutiques, delivery services and online purchase with in-store collection.

Communicating new products and services is one of PAUL’s primary challenges. Point of sale advertising and some PR helps, but email marketing, and in particular the PAUL UK newsletter, is one of the key communication strategies used to keep their audience engaged.

The PAUL marketing team usually create 2 to 3 newsletters each month which are targeted to segmented audiences of general and loyalty subscribers. The content varies but typically includes product and service information, events, partnership activities and updates on the PAUL UK loyalty scheme. The loyalty scheme is a key marketing strategy and is also the subject of further dedicated email campaigns.

Explaining the journey to their current email marketing success:

“Before using we had a limited email marketing capability which was delivered directly through our loyalty scheme infrastructure. Although it was functional for this purpose we were challenged by limited capacity and unable to create the professional quality and level of individual personalisation which we needed.” arrived at PAUL UK along with and on the recommendation of their new Head of Marketing. Previous experience and success with the system was a solid starting point from which to develop their next level of capability.

Although still keen to execute their regular campaigns in-house, PAUL turned to’s Managed Services team for guidance and to help them get started.

“We wanted the confidence of a best-practice process that would also guide us through the introduction of some of the more advanced features that the platform offers – features like integrating our loyalty scheme data and personalisation of our campaigns with individual loyalty points and local store information.

“Customer engagement is a key objective for us so we also wanted to use’s subscriber profiling and Marketing Automation features to deliver individually targeted birthday campaigns. helped us set up our data integration, design our campaigns and incorporate the profiling and marketing automation features we needed.”

Now a regular feature in their marketing strategy, the PAUL UK newsletter has stabilised to a healthy 20-30% open rate, and the regular reviews with the Managed Services team ensure that campaign metrics are analysed, understood and used to keep future campaigns on track.

Summarising the benefits that working with has brought to their business:

“Using the platform has solved our capacity issues and we’re now able to produce large scale professional quality campaigns with the high degree of personalisation we needed. That’s having a real impact on our levels of customer engagement.”

And on’s Managed Services:

“’s Managed Service is a perfect fit for our needs. It gives us the best of both worlds – we have hands-on execution of our in-house campaigns but with the confidence that we have expert guidance along the way.”