Case Studies

My Family Care – B2B Services

Integration is central to email marketing success at My Family Care


Industry sector – B2B Services
Key solution features – integration
Benefits – Targeted content, integrated data environment

Marketing B2B services to informed HR professionals in established organisations presents a specific set of challenges. As Head of Marketing at My Family Care, Tamara Sangvhi is a dedicated user and has developed an effective solution. She combines rich content with a highly integrated data environment to deliver relevant, timely and engaging content to her audience.

About My Family Care.

Established in 1993, and based in Putney, West London, My Family Care is a leading provider of B2B services for family friendly employment. Delivered via an online portal, Work+Family Space, My Family Care offers bespoke business solutions which combine the practical, cultural and emotional needs of both employer and employee – a framework for harmonious work and family life. With a growing female workforce and a ‘sandwich generation’ providing care for both their children and aging parents it’s an area that employers are increasingly keen to address.

Tamara describes her typical customer profile.

“Our customers come from a range of sectors, including finance, retail, manufacture and media, and scale from SMEs to enterprise organisations, P&G, Barclays and Danone to name just a few. Their business interests may be diverse but they share a common enlightenment regarding the benefits of managing a work and family balance for their employees. Improved talent acquisition, increased productivity, and higher levels of loyalty and retention are just some of the results – results which keep employees engaged and feed directly into the bottom line of the employer.”

Relevance is the key to engagement.

Like many professional marketers, lead generation is high on Tamara’s priorities. With a bespoke solution and an extended and complex sales process, delivering relevant, engaging content to nurture and drive the pipeline is Tamara’s first marketing challenge.

“We use to create and deliver all of our outbound communications, and one of the key elements in this is our 2-monthly newsletter. It’s a content rich communication designed to develop progressive engagement with our solution, and typically includes news, events, webinars and surveys.”

Tamara understands the need for relevance.

“We currently deliver three newsletter variations – one to a general audience and two others specifically addressing the interests of our Legal and Banking audiences. Targeting our newsletters in this way allows us to deliver more relevant content and has increased our open rates from around 15% to over 25%.”

An integrated data approach.

With a substantial and growing database utilised across several in-house applications, Tamara’s second challenge is data management.

“ is our main CRM hub so it’s important that our other data applications, that is Citrix, Live Events, our own website and now, are all integrated with this system. We looked at several email service providers who advertise a integration but found that although data was transferrable, ultimately it couldn’t be used in the way we needed. The team at listened to our requirements and were able to customise the integration exactly to fit.”

Tamara continues:

“With we have a full two-way integration. Our campaign lists are automatically populated from, complete with the latest subscriber data from our webinars and web-site downloads. This also includes additional profiling data such as industry sector which we use to segment our newsletter audience. On completion, post-campaign analytics, typically opens, clicks and bounces are automatically returned to and added directly to our individual subscriber profiles. This is used to provide intelligence to our sales team and to drive automated lead scoring which is a central part of our lead nurturing process.”

Forthcoming challenges.

So what are Tamara’s next challenges to address?

“With a highly tailored solution like ours there’s still lots more we can do around relevance. has some very interesting functionality for subscriber profiling and content personalisation. This will allow us to further segment our data and target specific audience communications more precisely. Marketing Automation is another area for potential development. We’ve looked at dedicated Marketing Automation systems but potentially has what we need, already included.”

And on her journey so far.

“With we’ve developed our capability from a fairly basic approach, using standard templates and isolated data, into a content rich delivery, targeted to our audience and fully integrated across all of our in-house systems. That’s a big step forwards. The platform itself is very easy to use and the support and technical back-up are first rate. It’s certainly reassuring to be able to speak to a real human being when we need help or guidance.”