Case Studies


Property investment company multiply their sales 10-fold using


Choices is a sales, lettings and property investment company established in 1989. Working with has helped them grow their property investment business by improving the speed they can get information to their clients.

Director of Administration and Marketing Nicola explains “Our Account Manager was genuinely interested in working with us to grow our business and over seven years later, we’re agreeing sales at ten times the value we were at the outset. We can attribute that growth directly to the professional and reliable service that allows us to provide to key clients and subscribers.”

Before using, Choices used an in-house database system to create basic HTML templates with limited graphics and formatting ability.

“We were experiencing delivery problems to the major ISP’s because the standard of our campaigns was poor and our emails were getting caught in spam filters” explains Nicola.

Improving the speed at which they could get information to clients was vitally important for Choices to grow their business and compete with rival companies. However, they did not want to employ an expensive designer but wanted something professional looking that could be created quickly in-house with the minimum of effort and training.

“We initially used a US based emailing system, but from the outset experienced problems with ISP delivery. There were also difficulties with technical help because of the time difference and just a general lack of customer support in terms of advice on how to effectively interact with our database subscribers and how to get the most out of the system itself” says Nicola.

After being offered free trials on various email marketing packages Nicola decided to work with

“We signed up for a free trial with because they were the most helpful and informative of all the UK companies we spoke to, without any heavy-handed sales pitch, and is in my opinion a far superior product.”

Nicola’s three favourite things about

  1. It’s so simple to use, without any compromise on its advanced features. It’s ideal for email marketing novices through to advanced designers. What you see is what you get; no tricky menus or wasted time trying to find the information you need – it’s all there at the click of the mouse. And the database of free templates is great for creating a simple campaign, ideal for novices to email marketing.
  2. Technical support is fantastic – queries are responded to promptly and knowledgeably. On the rare occasion that there has been a delivery issue with an ISP, the problem has been resolved swiftly. Knowing that has proven relationships with the major ISPs is very reassuring.
  3. Uploading your own HTML designs is always so easy, and we’ve never had any compatibility issues which we unfortunately found with other programs that we trialled.