Case Studies


Email delivers 40 times better return on investment than radio campaign


BeWILDerwood is an imaginative outdoor family adventure park in Norfolk, catering for children aged 3-11 and their families. Delightful characters such as Mildred the Crocklebog, Thornyclod and the BeWILDerbats feature heavily in the park’s identity and are also incorporated fully into BeWILDerwood’s marketing material.

Marketing Manager Jo has been using for all aspects of their email marketing since 2008, when was recommended by their design agency.

BeWILDerwood originally came to with a small list of contacts, but have seen this grow significantly during the years that they have been using the system. “Managing the subscriptions is so easy” says Jo, as she can easily upload email addresses collected at the park as well as have people sign up through the BeWILDerwood website.

Using’s tools, Jo finds it a doddle to build successful email campaigns, even without much technical knowledge. “I like using email,” she says “as it’s going specifically to an engaged audience, to people who want to hear about us, we get much better results”. also provides Jo with detailed performance statistics and these allow her to analyse the success of each email campaign. “I think the Analyse section is great,” says Jo, “you can really see what people are doing and how they are engaging with your emails. We love it!”

BeWILDerwood is a growing business and Jo knows that their account can grow with them. “There’s loads I want to do with the account that I understand it can do!” says Jo, and we are helping her get the most from the account. “I find the support that give is brilliant. There was a time when I was actually on the phone or email to you quite a lot and there’s always been fantastic support. I can’t fault it.”

In a powerful demonstration of how effective email marketing can be, earlier this year BeWILDerwood ran a promotional campaign offering 3 for 2 entry vouchers to the park. The offer was promoted in a local weekend newspaper, on the radio and via an email campaign managed with

Once the voucher redemptions had been counted it was clear that email was by far the stand out success, achieving 40 times the return on investment of the radio campaign!The newspaper ads were only around 65% as effective as email, with a comparable cost to radio. That’s some impressive ROI achieved through using!